Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free V-ampersand-AGRA

If you haven’t heard, Pfizer is giving away free samples of their infamous E-D drug if you lose your job.

No kidding...

In an article at Attorney at Law, you can get a free supply of any of the 70 pharmaceuticals produced by Pfizer... including V-you-know-what... if you lose your job.

Now, that got us thinking...

What are your chances of even using a boner pill if you are unemployed?

Think about it. Would you walk up to a woman and say,

Hey baby, I just lost my job. You wanna hook up?

Or, for the married guy...

Honey, I lost my job and we will probably listen to the kids crying from hunger and have the bank foreclose on our house and put us out on the street. But, the good news is that I got free E-D pills. You feeling frisky?

Yeah... I thought that sounded a bit hinky. Maybe one of Pfizer’s other drugs might be a better choice?

Hmm... I wonder if Pfizer is hiring?

Read more about it at Reuters!

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