Friday, May 1, 2009

Jammin' With The IceBloc

I was thinking back to… hmm, I would have to say it was the early 90’s? I was working on some video productions and recommended using some rap music. The producer said, “Rap is a fad. It will be gone tomorrow.” Well, all these years later… the hip-hop world continues to explode with new talent. It is good to be right, sometimes…

ICEBLOC is certainly one of the most exciting of the new hip hop artists… a certified virtuoso. With one of the most professionally done MySpace pages we have ever seen, ICEBLOC is poised to take over with some innovative and infinitely bouncy music that will have your toes tapping and your head bouncing.

Born in the Lone Star State but with a bit of Cajun touch… ICEBLOC and his crew J DOT and VITO have a fifteen-song EP, KRANKMUSIC, that has already received radio play in a number of markets. ICEBLOC also has established his brand on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networking outlets.

I listened to a few of ICEBLOC’s tracks, including the song “Put it in the Air.” The music and the rhymes were tight… but we can imagine the occasional “bleep” on mainstream radio play. First Amendment notwithstanding, the “bad words” are not quite as excessive as one might hear from other artists of the genre. A bit of youthful bravado maybe? Let’s see where this artist goes as his career continues to develop. Certainly, the talent and the ambition are there!


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