Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ethical Hacking

I have heard a lot of people in the IT Security field grousing about people who create those horrible spam, viruses, Trojans and worms that make computing a nightmare. And what is the most common complaint?

“Who don’t those people get real jobs?”

Well, guess what? There is a training program to do just that… to promote the legal and ethical use of hacking techniques. Why Ethical Hacking?

Well first of all, to use those skills to protect computer systems (rather than to, say, destroy or compromise computer systems) is a needed and valuable commodity. Have you ever considered a career as a Certified Ethical Hacker?

We recently had a scare when one of our programs popped up an alert that a rather nasty bug had appeared while we were visiting some unfamiliar web sites. We were so thankful that we had the software tools available to wipe our systems clean from that threat.

How would you like to be part of a team that creates such protective software applications?

Or, even better, how would you like to be in one of the six highest paying career fields (despite the woes that our economy is experiencing) by using those skills?

There are increased warnings of cyber threats. There is even a new Air Force Major Command standing up that is dedicated to cyber attacks. Does this tell you something? Do you maybe think that you might want to consider this career option?


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