Monday, June 22, 2009

I’m Through With White Girls

When I saw the title, I’m Through With White Girls, I had no idea what I would be into...

Not only is it a film that some people can, ahem, relate to... but it has a great cast of recognizable faces (including a couple blasts from the past). Bottom line... this film is Laugh Out Loud funny.

And... where else can you see a group of people dance hip-hop style to the British hit Safety Dance?

The official story line:

After years of dating white women, an unconventional “brotha” (Anthony Montgomery) vows to try his luck with some “sistahs” of his own race. But when he falls for a self-described “half-Rican Canadian” (Lia Johnson), is it possible he’s found his soul mate? True, she isn’t black -- but her race is only part of the problem. For this longtime commitment-phobe to settle down, he’ll have to drastically change his ways.

I’m Through With White Girls is a great romantic comedy that you should add to your home video collection.

You can also rent it from Netflix.

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