Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kitty Foyle

Interesting... a motion picture that looks at women in the past who were focused on marriage and babies... the flashes forward to working women too caught up in their careers to focus on traditional family values.

You might think that the past referred to would be the 1950’s and the present would be today.

The truth is this movie is looking back to the 1900’s with the present day being the 1930’s.


That is the basic premise behind Kitty Foyle, based on the novel by Christophe Morley (but significantly cleaned up to the strict moral standards of Hollywood in 1940).

Kitty Foyle stars Ginger Rogers in an Academy Award-winning performance. Centered on the high class main line society of Philadelphia... it is the harbinger of modern films such as Working Girl.

Get a hold of a copy of Kitty Foyle and enjoy it now before Hollywood remakes it and ruins it... like they did with the 1958 TV series spin-off that was canceled after a few months (and, a bit of trivia, featured an 11-year-old Patty Duke).

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Unknown said...

Never seen this flick, will have to check it out. I like good, well done films, no matter when they were made.


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