Friday, June 19, 2009

Say Uncle

There is something about a comedy of errors... the story of someone innocent who is misunderstood and persecuted by those who have lost their comprehension of what the concept of innocence is all about. That is the premise of the heart-warming dramedy Say Uncle.

The premise...

Disheartened when his godson moves away, gay artist Paul (Peter Paige) visits the local playground desperate to develop a substitute friendship with the neighborhood children -- until a paranoid mom makes him the town target. Threatened by the presence of this lurking man without a child, Maggie Butler (Kathy Najimy) leads a flock of frenzied parents in a revolt against poor harmless Paul in this hysterical comedy of errors.

We highly recommend Say Uncle as quality entertainiment! If for no other reason, it features a wonderful performance by the beautiful Gabrielle Union!

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