Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Fourth Estate...

This post sponsored by PayPerPost v4.0...

Making money with your blog has ascended to a newer and much more lofty level with the introduction of the fourth incarnation of the PayPerPost v4.0 (PPP) franchise. And what is so great about PPP version 4? Well, let’s start with the basics:

First, you can earn cash and withdraw in increments of $50. That is a night out on the town… well, maybe if you live in a small town. But, on my budget, that works for a good long lunch! So, what else?

Well, you can add more than one blog to your site dashboard… and access each one from one convenient spot on the PPPv4 dashboard. There is also a dynamic FAQ (frequently asked question) board that you can participate in – either by asking questions or showing off your knowledge by answering them.

PayPerPost is on Twitter and you can join the community of hundreds of twitterers and follow the PPP tweets… or tweet back to them.

The best thing about PPP, however, is the opportunity to earn cash by doing what you love… which is writing interesting things in your blog for the world to see and enjoy. Of course, you get to choose what you will and what you will not blog about, based upon your and your readers’ interest.

You can’t make it any easier than that…

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