Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Little Brewski Will Do-ski?

Maybe we can all just get along if we all just follow Homer Simpson’s lead and just chug-a-lug a cold and frothy libation brewed from hops and barley?

After the brouhaha over Professor Skip Gates being arrested in his own home by Officer James Crowley, and President Obama using the term stupidly to describe the goatrope, it seemed best to defuse all hostilities over a beer in the Rose Garden.

Of course, as reported by CNN, not everybody in the vicinity of the White House was all peace and love over the liquid litigation.

There was one protester who felt that the President should have set a better example by having a non-alcoholic libation. Maybe he would have put down his hand-made sign if someone had offered him a cold one?

Still, it looked as if this national story might finally be put to bed.

Maybe President Obama should have made room for the other Boston police officer. You know, the one who wrote the alarming e-mail that likened Professor Gates to...

A banana-eating jungle monkey...

You can read all about that guy... and the faux pas that he hastily apologized over, at CNN. And remember... when you send hateful e-mails out to a wide distribution list... just apologize with a soupçon of contrition (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) and maybe you will sip a pint with the prez...

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