Friday, August 7, 2009

The Healthcare Boogie?

Have you heard about the loud and violent outbursts at town hall meetings to discuss the controversial health care reform?

An article in Talk Radio News provides a perspective on these developments.

While the White House doesn’t seem to give much weight to these antics, according to The Wall Street Journal, they are garnering a lot of attention.

The attention has extended from North America to across the Pond.

An article in The London Daily Mail notes that violence has erupted in opposition to healthcare reform.

Check out this video:

But could there be some Machiavellian influence behind these protests? According to The Washington Post, over $52-million has been spent to influence opinions regarding healthcare reform. Fifty-two Million Dollars? That is a lot of money to help convince people that they should continue to accept being denied treatment because insurance companies profit margins might be harmed by saving their life.

If the health care industry is spending TENS OF MILLIONS to counter reform, do you think maybe they will eventually hire SAG and AFTRA members to show up at town halls? Do you think maybe they’ll pretend to climb from graves with MJ’s Thriller choreography and do a song and dance against healthcare reform?

da da da da dum
da da da da dum

Obama health care
Health care fright
You’re privacy will go away if this bad bill is signed

Obama health care
Money’s tight
Leave things they way they are or you will give up
All your

Then... the dancers jump around while holding up signs condemning healthcare reform while arguing to keep things the way they are.

Finally... as an encore... John Cleese will enter doing one of his silly walks and say, “Obama turned me into a newt.”

And, when someone looks him up and down... realizing that he hardly resembles an anthropomorphic reptile... he will say, “Well... I got better.”

And he did so without reforming the health care industry!

Okay, I’ll stop...

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