Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pittsburgh Fitness Club Murderer Was a “Lonely Guy”

We read about the senseless mass murders at a Pittsburgh fitness club. It turned out that the killer, who committed suicide after shooting several innocent victims, was what members of the Pick-Up society would call an Average Frustrated Chump.

That may be a bit cruel... but the sad reality is that here is a guy who had no self-confidence. And, if one has no confidence in himself, nobody else will have confidence in him. And even if someone tries to get past that, the person who feels himself to be a loser will react negatively to that (evidenced below).

The police read brief excerpts from the guy’s journal. You can see that video in the embedded clip below:

A heavily redacted version of George Sodini’s suicide journal... in which he goes into rambling detail about his lack of success with women... can be downloaded here.

I guess that practitioners of the oft maligned world of speed seduction (chronicled in my buddy Neil Strauss’ best-selling book The Game) could be considered life savers? But, then again, as Dennis Miller might say...

That’s just my opinion... I could be wrong...

And, hey... whatever your situation or malfunction... murdering innocent people or killing yourself is the worst thing you can do. So, don’t do it!

If you are feeling suicidal about anything, check out the good advice given by The Powerhouse Ministry.

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