Thursday, December 24, 2009

R.I.P. George Michael

I was a kid in Philadelphia when George Michael was Boss Jock on Philly’s WFIL-AM.  Michael had a raucous style that distinguished him in both the Philly and New York markets.  But, it was his work in television sports where he really shined.

When he eventually transferred to WRC in the nation’s capitol to take on WUSA’s Glenn Brenner (who worked for Michael as a High School intern at Philadelphia’s WFIL). Brenner sadly passed away in 992 at age of 44.

As a sportscaster, George Michael transformed television sports. His Sports Machine broadcast, for which he won a Sports Emmy® in 1985,  was syndicated to over 200 television stations and is credited as the inspiration for ESPN’s “Sports Center.”

Born on March 24, 1939 in St. Louis, Missouri... Michael had been fighting cancer for the past two years.  He exited the planet at age 70.  We offer prayers for his family, friends, and colleagues. 

George’s career is chronicled in The Washington Post, at WTOP news radio, and at Michael’s home for several wonderful decades, WRC TV 4.

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