Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Duck and Cover

CBS News is reporting that Iran is rapidly moving towards the ability to create nuclear warheads. They are enriching uranium to greater levels... presumably for generating electricity only.  After all... it is more <font color="green">green</font> to use nuclear energy than the gazillions of gallons of oil under that country’s sands.

But what if Mahmoud Akmagenocide decides to make a bomb... and what if he wants to use his bomb to nuke you?  What should you do?

Back in the 1950’s... children were thought that you can be protected from the atomic bomb by ducking and covering. In the video below, you will learn that a wooden table or a coat you happen to be carrying is sufficient protection from a thermonuclear explosion:

So, if you are near an exploding atomic bomb... just duck and cover. Granted, you technically will need to duck faster than the speed of light... and you technically need to be covered with like six-feet of lead and concerte... so your mileage may vary.

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