Thursday, April 8, 2010

Date Night

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When I heard that Date Night Movie is the funniest Steve Carrell movie ever... I thought, wow... people had better wear Depends® or they may embarrass themselves on their Date Night by laughing so hard that they wet their pants.

But come on now... the funniest Steve Carrell movie?   How can that be, given SC’s solid-gold body of comic performances which (in addition to his weekly guffaw generator The Office) include:

  • Steve had us rolling in the sticky cinema aisles as he channeled Paul Lynde in the motion picture remake of Bewitched. I mean, come on... Steve was Uncle Arthur.
  • The hilarious Mister Carrell did it again in his re-imagination of the Don Adams character “Maxwell Smart” in the Mel Brooks/Buck Henry classic... “Get Smart!”.
  • Steve pulled off 40 Year Old Virgin like a pro. The waxing scene? That is comedy gold!  You know I’m right!.
  • Steve’s schtick in Bruce Almighty stole the show from Jim Carrey. Steve pwned Jim!   His comic timing earned Steve the chance to play Noah in the laugh-filled sequel, Evan Almighty..
  • And we can’t forget the sweet film Dan in Real Life where Steve took a simple romantic comedy and used his immense talents to have us laughing with tears in our eyes.

But still... Date Night combines Steve’s comic genius with that of the Queen of Comedy, Miss Tina Fey. And, with a cast of crazy cut-ups to carry the jocularity of the brilliant script... what more can you do but go to your favorite on-line movie ticket site and pre-order your ticket for the April 9th, 2010 premiere!

Yes, this is your opportunity to take your date to see Steve Carell and Tina Fey in a laugh-out-loud comedy that will have your popcorn and soda shooting out of your nostrils. My friend, you will laugh that hard. Don’t believe me? Then check out this trailer:

After pre-ordering your tickets... you might also consider doing your homework by reading a full write-up on Date Night Movie in The New York Times.

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