Friday, May 7, 2010

The Singapore Solution

Maybe we just need to follow Singapore’s lead and institute caning.

After all, we spend tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to keep men and women behind bars... when it would be a lot cheaper to just whip their ass and send them home.

In fact, I think about shows like “Nanny 911” where parents need to bring in a nanny to help them bring their out-of-control children closer to being civilized human beings.

My parents didn’t use a nanny. They used a belt. Or, a switch. Or, the back of the hand.

Back when I was living in Singapore, a kid named Michael Fay got caned for some crazy teenage behavior. Americans were horrified. Bill Clinton pleaded for clemency.

Michael got his ass whipped.

Don’t get me wrong... I am not advocating throwing out due process or other legal considerations. I am just saying that having someone lounging in Club Fed for a few years doesn’t do anything.

Applying cane to heiney...

That would do a lot!

Dick Cheney would approve.

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