Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Those Hot Vic Mizzy Jams

The best part about the classic CBS series Green Acres was the wonderful music of Vic Mizzy. Not only did he compose the eclectic theme song, he also composed the wacky tune that Eb kept identifying as different songs... even though it was the same tune. Catch this abbreviated version of that episode embedded below... written by one of the scions of television legend Sherwood Schwartz.

Now, if only gangsta rappers would start sampling some of those Vic Mizzy tunes...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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Hey! Hey! Hey!

Before he became Cliff Huxtable (and somewhat after he was Chet Kinkaid), Bill Cosby was educating kids on Saturday Mornings with Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. Fat Albert was not only a character that taught kids valuable life lessons in an animated cartoon... but there was the implausible but undeniably funky junkyard band. Check them out:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Feeling Groovy

There are lots of cool memories from the video clip embedded below.

First... this is one of the happiest songs ever written... and it was written during a period of social and political strife in the United States.

Second... this was performed on CBS’s Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour... where great talent (including Mason Williams and Steve Martin) started out.

Third... we get to see Art Garfunkel before he transformed into a clone of the Three Stooges’ Larry Fine.

Take a listen... and see if you don’t start feeling a little groovy yourself.

Simon and Garfunkel

Saturday, June 26, 2010

From the Beach to the Convent?

Back in the day, there was a popular movie called Gidget. And so, network executives decided to turn it into a TV show. Today, they do the opposite... turn TV shows into movies. Well, anyway... Gidget was the debut of Sally Field and it seemed that the show should have been a hit. A cute girl in a bikini on the beach.

Unfortunately, the shows on the rival networks NBC and CBS stole the ratings and unfortunately Gidget was cancelled. Then, a strange thing happened. During summer rerun season, people started watching Gidget and the show was a sensation!

So do the TV executives bring Sally back to the beach in a bikini? No. They put her in a convent in a habit. And... they made her fly.

Check out Sally in her TV debut:

Friday, June 25, 2010

Weekend Deals

Now is the time for tears

My friend Charlie Peacock is a genius. He wrote the following lyric for his Coram Deo project... and it suits me just fine on a day like today.

Now is the time for tears
Don’t speak
Save your words
There’s nothing you could say
To take this pain away
Don’t try so hard
You can just simply be
Cry with me don’t try to fix me friend
That’s how you'll comfort me

Heavenly Father cover this child with mercy
You are my helper through this time of trial and pain
Silence the lips of the people with all of the answers
Gently show them now is the time
Now is the time
Now is the time for tears

Apple Computer Founder Broke and Living on Social Security

The irony of trading in a $22-billion fortune for $800 and living in Pahrump Nevada is not lost on Ron Wayne, who was originally one-third of the team who created Apple Computers.

But while his former partners Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak went on to fame and fortune... Wayne sits in a casino gambling away his Social Security pension in hopes of striking it rich.

Check out the CNN video below:

And you can read all about this progenitor of the iPhone and iPad and see even more video interviews e the CNN tech web.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Classical Gas

Mason Williams hit the scene in the 1960’s as the head writer for the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour... the show that the CBS censors loved to hate.

Despite Williams’s penchant for comedy, he was was more famous for his composition Classical Gas, a song which went on to receive three Emmy® Awards.

Here is Mason in the original performance of this song, demonstrating his virtuosity on the guitar:

Classical gas

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It’ll Tickle Your Innards

“It’ll Tickle Your Innards” was the original slogan for a drink that has been transformed from a down-home cola alternative to the nectar of sports freaks and computer hackers... Mountain Dew.

The original marketing theme for that carbonated libation was an animated hillbilly with a bullet (or cork plug) hole in his hat and one solitary tooth in his mouth. Check this out... classic 1960’s animation for what was then a new soft drink.

Mountain Dew

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jeannie versus Samatha

A lot of fans of the two 1960's series Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie have speculated on who is the better protagonist... Elizabeth Montgomery’s Samantha or Barbara Eden’s Jeannie.

The video below is a contrived salsa dance-off featuring the two actresses. While it is not an exact competition between the two characters... nor are the two actresses in the same venue... this is very fun to watch!

Barbara Eden

Monday, June 21, 2010

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Ho Daddy!

While Bob Denver may be best remembered as Gilligan (and, before that, as the best friend of the eponymous Dobie Gillis... he also did one of those crazy far-out groovy beach films from the 1960’s.

Don’t rightly know if this is innovative, silly, or downright creepy. You can, of course, vote for more than one of the above! Check out Maynard... erm, Gilligan... erm, Bob Denver in this musical film clip:

Dobie Gillis

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