Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Metallica Meets Katy Perry

Jim, Lars, Robert and Kirk have something in common with Katy Perry. And now, their music backs Katy’s prurient if not controversial signature song. Metal fans might cringe at this one... everyone else might cringe as well.

`Katy Perry

Monday, August 30, 2010

J&R Deals


I believe in being green and recycling everything from newspaper to cardboard to plastic to glass to... well, you get it.


Given how much I am on the road, I don’t always synch my schedule with the recycling man. When that happens, my blue bin overfloweth.

Since it all doesn’t fit into the bin... I use the clear plastic bags to hold my overflowing amount of recyclables.

So, I just put my recyclables in a clear plastic bag and when the time is right, a big bag sits beside the little plastic tubs.

Well, imagine my surprise when the recycling truck roars through and my clear bag of recyclables is untouched by the guys who only dump the blue bins into the truck...

Several minutes later,  the trash truck comes through our subdivision.  And they take my bag of recyclables and toss it in with the non-recyclable trash.

The recycling guy apparently didn’t get the difference between a tub full of recyclables and a transparent plastic bag full of recyclables.


Not to get mental over this, but... sheesh!

Hampton Inn Free Weekend Giveaway

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hampton Hotels. All opinions are 100% mine.


As a member of Hilton Honors, I always choose a Hilton property over any other chain. And not just because of the famous name (or the famous-for-nothing celebrity who was born with that name). One of the many reasons I enjoy residing at Hilton properties is that their Hampton brand is giving away free weekend stays every day.

What? Free weekend stays?

That’s right! The Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes offers you your very own chance to win a free stay at one of these great hotel locations. Are you going to enter? I know that I will!

And, if I win… I would grab my special girl and hop up to the Big Apple for a weekend of fun at the Hampton Inn - Manhattan Times Square North. Located on 8th Avenue in the Theatre District, this Hampton Inn offers all of Times Square with Central Park just a quick jaunt away. Just think… I could reserve a table at Ruby Foo’s for two. And, if we are hungry at say 3 a.m., we can walk a block or two and enjoy great food as only New York City can provide!

Of course, there are Hampton Inn hotels in all 50 of the United States… so if you don’t live near New York City, not to worry. You can enjoy the Hilton luxury of the Hampton Inn chain virtually anywhere you want to go!

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Terror Babies Revisited...

The “Death to America” Baby?

Back in the 1950’s, the greatest fear was the threat of communism migrating from the far East... across the Pacific ocean... and onto the shores of America.  So frightening was this threat that Hollywood cranked out motion pictures featuring monsters coming from another planet to the United States to destroy us.

It is funny that monsters never went to Russia to destroy the Bolsheviks... or to China to destroy the Maoists. Granted, monsters did tend to stomp all over post-nuclear Japan... but that is another story.  Besides, they had that guy with the zipper going down his back and the light bulb in his navel to save them from the monsters.  What was his name?  Oh yeah... Ultraman.

Today, that mass hysteria from the 50’s has taken a new face.  Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are at the head of the march against a new monster.  No, we aren’t talking about Gozirra or Pigmen... but rather... um, er... I don’t want to say it.

But this is not just the GOP fringe attacking our first African-American president.  It is also, according to the British Daily Mail, Iceland failing to guarantee British deposits.

But why pick on babies?  Well... I guess the response is a quote from the words of the African truck driver:

Why not?

Metallica Meets Tupac Shakur

The Metallica mashup with Ice Cube was fun... so let us check out a mashup with one of the original gangstas...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Metallica Meets Lady GaGa and Beyoncé

Another fun mashup featuring Lady Gaga and Beyoncé doing Telephone to the tune of Metallica’s classic hit Enter Sandman. Why not? Check it out in the video widget below:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Metallica Meets The Miracles

After Smokey Robinson introduced Al Green to the world and went off to do his solo career... the Miracles continued to record without their front man.

The Smokeless Miracles had a big hit back in the day called Love Machine.

 In this mashup, we hear Jim Hetfield doing a Metallica tune  blended with Love Machine. Check it out:

Yeah, yeah!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend Sale

What’s on TV... in 1952

Let’s take a look at what the television line-up was before probably most readers of this blog were even born.

How many of you think these shows (despite their lack of color or three dimensions) may stack up to (or be better than) what is on the airwaves today?



Check them out in the three video widgets below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Thursday, August 26, 2010

J&R Bargains

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