Monday, August 30, 2010


I believe in being green and recycling everything from newspaper to cardboard to plastic to glass to... well, you get it.


Given how much I am on the road, I don’t always synch my schedule with the recycling man. When that happens, my blue bin overfloweth.

Since it all doesn’t fit into the bin... I use the clear plastic bags to hold my overflowing amount of recyclables.

So, I just put my recyclables in a clear plastic bag and when the time is right, a big bag sits beside the little plastic tubs.

Well, imagine my surprise when the recycling truck roars through and my clear bag of recyclables is untouched by the guys who only dump the blue bins into the truck...

Several minutes later,  the trash truck comes through our subdivision.  And they take my bag of recyclables and toss it in with the non-recyclable trash.

The recycling guy apparently didn’t get the difference between a tub full of recyclables and a transparent plastic bag full of recyclables.


Not to get mental over this, but... sheesh!

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