Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gefilthy Fish?

My apologies to the mishpachah for the bad pun... but my friend Sally alerted me to disturbing news about some of my favorite food.  Okay, well all food is my favorite... but given my new bend towards healthy eating, seafood is a top source of protein.

Unfortunately, the industry (in an effort to save money) is getting fish from sources that may be a bit dodgy. In fact, fish raised in a toilet is not far from being accurate about this current trend.

Now, I have traveled the world and eaten things that many Westerners would blanch at... but I draw the line at importing tainted food just because it is cheaper.

I will pay a premium price for good food. Wouldn’t you? Maybe the ABC News report in the video widget below might help you to see the light.

And now, for some good quality food:

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