Monday, August 2, 2010

How Did This Slip Past the Censors?

And to think... CBS was considered to be the wholesome network during the 1960’s.  And The Beverly Hillbillies was thought to be innocent family fare.  But check this out:

One of the running jokes on the Beverly Hillbillies is that the lead characters are from the deep south... and Granny feels that the South won the Civil War, not the North.  But check this out... on the episode embedded into this blog, we see an African-American woman who joins the Commerce Bank of Beverly Hills secretarial pool and makes an interesting gaffe about slavery.



Then, Helen Ko (yes, the famous Los Angeles businesswoman) makes an appearance as a dancing girl wearing a skimpy outfit.. and baring her (gasp) navel!

Keep in mind that, during this same decade Barbara Eden was forbidden from showing her navel on NBC’s I Dream of Jeannie. And, when Barbara appeared on the Smothers Brothers show singing about her navel... it was one more nail in the brother’s cancellation coffin.  Yet... on the Beverly Hillbillies... we see that and more!

Also... if you were to watch the batch of episodes featuring Helen Ko, you will hear Mr. Drysdale and the Hillbillies making several references to having an orgy.

This was the 1960’s?

Check out the video (also featuring Country Western legend George “Shug” Fisher) in the widget below:

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