Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pater Familias

Family can be a noun... a verb... or a profanity.

In our novella, Pater Familias, political consultant Raymond Isaac Vincent parlayed his life-long relationship with the President of the United States into a successful political consultancy. He is willing to risk losing all he has spent his lifetime building in a desperate attempt at reconciling his four adult children.

Pater Familias is now in it’s e-publishing, currently appearing on Amazon Kindle, on Diesel and on Apple iBooks.

The book is scheduled to ship to Barnes & Noble, Sony and Kobe within weeks.  Stay tuned!

For those of you with an iPad or iPhone, you can go into iBooks and search the title or by name. There are two authors named Conyers on iBooks, FYI...

But once you get me identified, you will see the novella.  Go ahead and select it to navigate to the book’s page.

From there, you can download a free sample and/or buy the whole thing.

Add Pater Familias to your iPad or iPhone library.

You can also view details about the e-book and even download it at our publisher's web site!

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