Monday, August 30, 2010

Terror Babies Revisited...

The “Death to America” Baby?

Back in the 1950’s, the greatest fear was the threat of communism migrating from the far East... across the Pacific ocean... and onto the shores of America.  So frightening was this threat that Hollywood cranked out motion pictures featuring monsters coming from another planet to the United States to destroy us.

It is funny that monsters never went to Russia to destroy the Bolsheviks... or to China to destroy the Maoists. Granted, monsters did tend to stomp all over post-nuclear Japan... but that is another story.  Besides, they had that guy with the zipper going down his back and the light bulb in his navel to save them from the monsters.  What was his name?  Oh yeah... Ultraman.

Today, that mass hysteria from the 50’s has taken a new face.  Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are at the head of the march against a new monster.  No, we aren’t talking about Gozirra or Pigmen... but rather... um, er... I don’t want to say it.

But this is not just the GOP fringe attacking our first African-American president.  It is also, according to the British Daily Mail, Iceland failing to guarantee British deposits.

But why pick on babies?  Well... I guess the response is a quote from the words of the African truck driver:

Why not?

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