Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Maverickey Night of Dancing

I rarely watch reality shows.

Got enough of them from Chuck Barris and Jon Davidson during my misspent childhood in front of the telly.

Still... I keep my ear to the proverbial rails and was interested to hear that daughter of tea party maven Sarah Palin has been on dancing with the stars.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bristol Palin’s performance was highlighted by commentary from her mom.

Surprisingly... to everyone’s chagrin... there was some booing from the peanut gallery.

Check it out in the video widget below:

Now, we are not sure who was being booed.  It could have been a reaction to the last dancers’ scores.  Anyway... since I didn’t see Bristol’s performance, I have no idea what song she danced to. If she had danced to The Bristol Stomp, that would have been pure serendipity, don’t you think?

And in case you are unfamiliar with Bristol Stomp, a hit song from a half-century or so ago... check it out in the video widget below:

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