Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Next Selena?

I get to keep abreast of a lot of the great mandopop music coming from Asia thanks to my buddy Shawn of the Dartmouth Mafia. I like most of the tracks that he and his friends pass along, but one artist really grabbed my attention.

It was a tune by the 24-year-old Zhang Xianzi (张弦子) from Shanghai, China that had me sit up and take notize.

Xiamzi is an ingénue with a musical pedigree who has broken out as a major star in the East.  And... with a bit of luck... may break out in the West as well.  The sagacious insertion of English phrases (as both lyrics and rap vignettes) is tres magnifique.

Her musical partner in these songs is Wilbur “Will” Pan... born in West Virginia but raised in Taiwan -- notable for his fluent transitions between English and Mandarin (or izzit Cantonese?) in his music.

With his dual citizenship and multiple talents (including being very camera friendly) Will is also expected to garner a huge international fan base.

The videos in the widgets below show some smooth grooves from China that are an interesting mix of Chinese and English lyrics with a nice Western track that brings in a bit of Neptune-esque hip-hop.

Check them out... and don’t be surprised if your head bounces a little bit...

Certainly this young woman could be like Selena -- breaking the barrier between East and West with some serious cross-over potential.

Ne pas?

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