Friday, December 31, 2010


I was relating to a colleague the fact that I am a clothes horse. And a lot of my friends are fashionistas. So then, it only seems obvious that I should have at least a mild interest in some great deals in apparel. These that follow are particularly of interest to the fairer sex.  Click on any that are of interest for more details.

Hanro Long Sleeve Silk Bodysuit Daywear

HUE Skinny Jeanz Legging Daywear

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Unlined Camisole Daywear

SPANX Slimplicity Half Slip Plus Size Daywear

Miraclebody Katie Denim Shaping Straight Leg Jeans Daywear

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pretties for the Ladies

Ed Hardy puts together some sexy and sassy apparel for the happening lady who understands what it means to be beautiful and to feel beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. And so, I appreciate the opportunity to share my connections in the fashion world with my fashionista friends in cyber land. Check these out… click any that appeal to you:

Ed Hardy Monica Devil Camisole Daywear

Ed Hardy Kate Life Is A Gamble Camisole Daywear

Ed Hardy Kate Love Kills Slowly Camisole Daywear

Home Improvement

With a lot of people talking home improvements, the best thing I could do for my home right now is to update my bathroom And that is why I am looking at bathroom vanities from our sponsor,

After Christmas Sale

Lots of great deals here – my favorites are the NextBook Android Tablet at under $180 and the 42-inch LCD HDTV at below $560.

Brother has an all in one printer / copier / fax machine for under $400.  There are a couple great games for the Xbox 360:  Kinect Sports and Dance Central – both under $45.  You can get a Linksys E3000 Dual-Band Wireless Router for under $150.  A Veho Digital Camcorder for below $50.  Panasonic has a 5.1 Channel Blu-ray Home Theater System for under $140. 

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Perfect Substitute for Jeeves or Alfred...

I remember as a youngster seeing something in a men’s clothing store that I did not understand. It looked like a chair, but had a built-in hanger on the back of it… and the seat seemed to hold a storage compartment for… well, I did not have the first clue.

Today I know it well as a Valet Stand (or, some might call it, a suit stand.

What is the purpose of having a Mens valet in your home?

  • It keeps your clothes fresh, exposing them to the air instead of sitting in a musty and moldy closet.
  • It keeps your clothes free from wrinkles, hanging freely so that the fabric may breathe and relax.
  • It keeps your clothes ready for wear; your outfit is in one convenient location.
  • It keeps your outfit perfectly organized, no need to to dig around your closet for the right matching items
  • It keeps your wallet, jewelry and spare change in the same location.

While Bruce Wayne may have Alfred the Butler and other members of the Hoi Polloi may have Jeeves or a similar butler available… this Chair Valet does not creepily lurk around your house and needs no paycheck or health care benefits.

Our sponsor has a wide selection… you can find the perfect Clothes Valet for your needs.

Boys Don’t Hit Girls

I remember as a ten year old having a friend of my mother’s visit. She brought with her a daughter who was about my age. My mother told me to be a good host and play with this girl. Being at the age where I still held the belief that girls had cooties, I wasn’t particularly pleased with this edict.

It wasn’t more than a few minutes before this girl punched me, and then ran. I went after her with the objective of returning her punch with compounded interest. I was intercepted and scolded by my mother, who told me that a boy NEVER strikes a girl. Ever.

Those words stuck with me through life. For some other men, unfortunately, that lesson was either never taught or never stuck. Tony Porter, from TED gives some good advice in the video widget below that all men need to hear.

Fitness Modeling

Years ago, we dabbled in fashion modeling on the Dwacon web site. While that endeavor is a distant memory, we have seen how the modeling business has exploded in recent years. And do you know what the big thing in modeling is these days? It is fitness models!

That’s right. Fitness modeling is perhaps the most competitive sport for women in the world today. And our sponsor is in the thick of it! If you are a woman who works out and maintains a well-chiseled and feminine physique, then this may be the thing for you.

Catch your interest? Great! Here are a few tips to get started:

First, you will want to check out the on-line schedule to find a figure competition and (to further increase your career options) a bikini competition in a convenient location.

Of course, if you are serious about becoming a champion – you may wish to plan to travel to some or all of the major events in the upcoming season. After all, the more you compete… the more networking opportunities… the more your face is seen by people in the industry… and the more you stand to win!

Next, you should perform some research to get a comprehensive understanding of what the most successful award winning figure models do to be at the top of their game. Again, our sponsor has all of the great information that you will be looking for as you pursue what could be your new career.

And, when you have become a successful , be sure to give a shout out to us here at Dwacon®!

Christmas Greetings

Usually, if you navigate to The Dwacon® Web Site, you would see our three Christmas videos on the home page.

Unfortunately, a snafu with the hosting company has prevented me from updating the home page this year.

Nonetheless... we can still point you to those videos here on the blog!

And so, in the spirit of getting the message out -- following are the links:

Dwacon® Christmas Movie

First... the traditional Dwacon® Christmas greeting which we have been posting on-line for a number of years now.

Featuring original music... this short video depicts friends and family enjoying the holiday season...

Then... toy soldiers march in front of the Christmas tree that is loaded with presents...

A mischievous elf in green has a crazy mishap in placing some of the Christmas presents... followed by a gift-bearing clown... then, Santa Clause checks his list.

We had fun making that video.


The Reason for the Season

This short video starts out with the innocence of a child preparing for this happy holiday season...

By the ending of the video, we see two older children fighting and squabbling over gifts.

At the end, Santa Claus appears to remind us that Jesus is the true reason for this holiday season.

Well, Santa and a cute kitty.


Christmas Lullaby

This short animated video was done by a Christina Hermann and was so cute, we just wanted everyone to see it.

Economic Security Through Precious Metals

I was reading some of the works of Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki about the current economic crisis that started at the terminus of the George W. Bush administration and has continued through the first half of Barack Obama’s historic presidential administration. The great fear, expressed by those two financial experts, is the possibility of losing the American middle class. While the rich will always be rich and the poor will presumably stay poor, there is something to be said about the status of the middle class as the backbone of the American economy.

As people have seen their 401K investments vanish… their houses lose value to the point where their mortgages are more than the value of the property… the questions on the minds of a lot of very sagacious people probably include (but are certainly not limited to) the following:

  • What can I invest my hard earned money in that will not lose value?
  • Where can I find security for myself and my children in the coming years?

Gold would seem the obvious answer. After all… there are tons of it stored to back up the federal government and major financial institutions. But, have you also considered the Price of Platinum? We read in the San Francisco Chronicle that, along with gains in the price of gold, the price of platinum has also been advancing – a record 18 percent gain in this year alone.


Given the gains in the value of platinum as an investment alternative, there are two avenues that the wise investor may wish to keep in mind when planning his or her economic strategy. Are you ready? Okay… the first is platinum coins:

Where can you find details about spreading your investing wings into the direction of the most rare precious metal on earth? In addition to the previous link, you may also wish to visit The United States Mint.

The second area of consideration for securing your economic future is in considering the Gold IRA. Yes, you can actually place gold into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and see your retirement wealth rise with the security of an investment in gold.

Hopefully these strategies will be useful to you in planning your economic future. The following video should also provide some great information for you.

This post was sponsored by Regal Assets.

The Reason for the Season

Back in the 1960’s when Charles Schultz had his comic strip Peanuts turned into an animated Christmas special... I can imagine some people thought the cartoonist to be mad. As in insane, not angry. While the other Christmas specials were about Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and various incarnations of the Santa Claus mythology… Schultz hit the nail on the head about the true reason for this season.

Check it out in the video widget below:

Supposedly, the network brass were nervous… not only about the overtly religious sentiment expressed by Linus (actually, it was a powerful little homily given by the animated lad) -- but also by the non-traditional Jazz music that made up the unique and memorable soundtrack of the Charlie Brown Christmas special.

All these years later, the children and grandchildren (and maybe even great-grandchildren) of the first generation to view this special are still enjoying it. And while atheists and other pundits may rail against the otherwise joyous message of God providing access to Himself through His Son, Jesus Christ… the message is truly the reason behind this festive season.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Minute Shopping

I like the Tron iPod dock... the ceramic heater... the digital pen and receiver... hey, I like it all!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TRON: Lunacy

I was just barely out of my teens, living in Europe when I saw the original TRON. A computer nerd (we had a Hewlett Packard mainframe computer in our high school), I got it. My buddy who sat beside me in the theatre did not. From the comments I heard... the other people in the theatre were also confused.

But like Star Trek, cancelled because it was considered “too cerebral” -- Tron was declared a flop. It was even rejected for a special effects Academy Award because the Oscar® committee felt that using computer effects was cheating.

Also like Star Trek, Tron lived on in the imagination of those who saw its entertainment value. And, incidentally, there are very few motion pictures that do not utilize computer special effects. Sigh...

Well... the nerds not only rule, they get their revenge in a whacky and sassy music video that has garnered millions of views. Check it out at YouTube.

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