Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Greetings

Usually, if you navigate to The Dwacon® Web Site, you would see our three Christmas videos on the home page.

Unfortunately, a snafu with the hosting company has prevented me from updating the home page this year.

Nonetheless... we can still point you to those videos here on the blog!

And so, in the spirit of getting the message out -- following are the links:

Dwacon® Christmas Movie

First... the traditional Dwacon® Christmas greeting which we have been posting on-line for a number of years now.

Featuring original music... this short video depicts friends and family enjoying the holiday season...

Then... toy soldiers march in front of the Christmas tree that is loaded with presents...

A mischievous elf in green has a crazy mishap in placing some of the Christmas presents... followed by a gift-bearing clown... then, Santa Clause checks his list.

We had fun making that video.


The Reason for the Season

This short video starts out with the innocence of a child preparing for this happy holiday season...

By the ending of the video, we see two older children fighting and squabbling over gifts.

At the end, Santa Claus appears to remind us that Jesus is the true reason for this holiday season.

Well, Santa and a cute kitty.


Christmas Lullaby

This short animated video was done by a Christina Hermann and was so cute, we just wanted everyone to see it.

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