Sunday, December 26, 2010

Perfect Substitute for Jeeves or Alfred...

I remember as a youngster seeing something in a men’s clothing store that I did not understand. It looked like a chair, but had a built-in hanger on the back of it… and the seat seemed to hold a storage compartment for… well, I did not have the first clue.

Today I know it well as a Valet Stand (or, some might call it, a suit stand.

What is the purpose of having a Mens valet in your home?

  • It keeps your clothes fresh, exposing them to the air instead of sitting in a musty and moldy closet.
  • It keeps your clothes free from wrinkles, hanging freely so that the fabric may breathe and relax.
  • It keeps your clothes ready for wear; your outfit is in one convenient location.
  • It keeps your outfit perfectly organized, no need to to dig around your closet for the right matching items
  • It keeps your wallet, jewelry and spare change in the same location.

While Bruce Wayne may have Alfred the Butler and other members of the Hoi Polloi may have Jeeves or a similar butler available… this Chair Valet does not creepily lurk around your house and needs no paycheck or health care benefits.

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