Monday, January 31, 2011

The BIG One

With the potential of over one hundred million people being affected… and possibly some lives lost… this is the storm that Irwin Allen might have made a movie about.  It will affect more than half of the states in the USA and will probably be entered into history books… assuming that things don’t grind to a halt during 2012.

The mother of all storms is brewing and is about to hit the United States like Mike Tyson hit just about everybody he went into the ring with.

The projections are that this storm will cover a swath of territory incorporating over 2,000 miles of snow and ice… so make sure you have lots of wood in your fireplace and someone you love to snuggle up to.  And to you lucky suckas in San Diego, Miami and San Juan… we wish we were right there with youze guys!

Be safe everybody!

Deals and Top Sellers

What I like about today’s selection from our friends at J&R is the wide variety in this set of gift items. First is the Sonicare Essense toothbrush. I have used these for such a long time and I tell you my teeth are so white that even the dentist is impressed. But there are also items for the techies!

Like a Bluetooth from your iPhone or iPad or iPod to your automobile. Of course, if you have an iPod Nano, there is a watchband that allows you to wear your music around your wrist. If you don’t have one, you will find one below at a GREAT price!

And if you are athletic like us, a Garmin Forerunner sports watch is also in the mix. Oh, and did we mention the Apple TV module?

You will also find items for the kitchen, for travel, and for plain old fun! Happy shopping!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Men’s Valet

If I were Bruce Wayne and had a stately mansion with a nuclear reactor in the basement, I would probably have Alfred the Butler lay out my attire for each day’s events. The sad reality is, at this present moment, I have no such man Friday to manage my clothing. But what I can have is a valet stand to keep my clothing organized and free from wrinkles.

The best thing about a mens valet is that it manages your coat, your trousers, your shirt, your tie… even loose items like cufflinks, tie bar, keys, wedding ring (whoops… better keep that on, buster) and anything else you may need to have maintained in one convenient location.

So, how much would one of these things cost? Well… when you visit our sponsor, you will see items ranging from $92 to $250. Of course, those are regular price. Your internet sales prices will range from $78.20 to $147.43. Nice discount, eh?

So – what are you waiting for? You really want to walk out of your house in sloppy, disheveled clothing? Get over to and check out their featured products. We are sure you will find the perfect valet (like the Executive model) to match your wardrobe.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Creepy Clown

Creepy Clown Comic cover

It is hard to believe that it has been over seven years since our partner in crime, the late great Don Tatro exited the planet. Don was a wise, sagacious and talented fellow who I was proud to call my friend. Don knew about Hollywood, his brother Richard having appeared in the Tribble episode of the original Star Trek.

Don was a mentor in our 3D computer graphics work, and our partner in the screenplay for a Creepy Clown film.  Sadly, the project was rejected by Fox and has sat on the shelf since Don’s sudden demise.

The image on the right was created by one of Don’s friends.  It reminds me that Creepy is too powerful a character to sit on the shelf for long. His movie WILL be made.

Stay tuned...

Outdoor Clothing

I was listening to Bill Maher pontificating about global warming and how these severe winters are a part of Al Gore’s predictions. That being said… it has been pretty darned cold this winter… and that means we need some great Outdoor Clothing to protect ourselves from the elements.

Our sponsor Berghaus has clothing for men, women and kids that will protect you in windy Chicago, the snow-blasted mid-Atlantic, or even on a snow-packed mountain. For me, just getting across a snow and ice covered parking lot is quite the adventure. That is why I love the Men’s Explorer Trail low GORE-TEX® (no relation to Al Gore) performance walking shoes.

Weekend Sale

This weekend is a good weekend to get great prices on the things you want and need. Like a high fidelity speaker dock for your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Or, a Harman Kardon stereo receiver to bolster your home audio system.

Panasonic is offering a 42 inch Viera LCD HDTV at an insanely low price. Then, there are some home office supplies from Hewlettt Packard.

You can get a Blackberry Torch that has been unlocked. Plus other things including the Mister Coffee Keurig machine and eight gigabytes USB flash memory.

Happy weekend shopping!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tech Toys

Lots of goodies from our partners at J&R. I particularly like the iPad challengers from Viewsonic, Android tablet devices that pack quite a wallop and have free shipping. Besides that, more great ideas for the audiophile; including a Pioneer 3-D Ready A/V receiver and AKG Acoustics Binaural headphones.

We have seen a lot of personal digital recorders offered. This is the first I recall seeing from RCA. Maybe you can get your dog to tilt his head while listening to your digital recordings?

Prolly the best combination is the LG 37 inch high definition LCD television for $479 with a tilting wall mount unit for under $60 bucks.

Enjoy... and, happy shopping!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine's Roses

Sometimes it pays to be a born romantic. I am one myself.  Have been romantic ever since the day that girls stopped having cooties but became my number one fascination.

However, you don’t have to be born a romantic… you can learn to be romantic. So allow me to school you for a minute.

I remember being head over heels for this one young woman who just totally fascinated me. She had a great sense of humor… a keen intellect... the most beautiful smile... and was like a goddess come down from Mount Olympus (or somewhere in that general vicinity). Most importantly, we had history. So I thought I would surprise her by purchasing a dozen roses dipped in 24 carat gold.

Too bad she broke up with me before I had a chance to give them to her.

Next time, I think I will go for a more practical gift… such as the traditional chocolates and roses that one might purchase from our sponsor, 1-800-FLOWERS. If you want valentines roses that are guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of the special woman in your life, you will definitely want to get them from a company with a solid and consistent history of satisfying their customers with great products, fair prices, and consistently accurate delivery.

I have turned to 1-800-FLOWERS for Mother’s Day… birthdays… and other life events. But Valentine’s Day is perhaps the most special of days… especially for young lovers. Hey, even old lovers can find a great way to express their love and appreciation.

Valentine’s Day comes only once a year.  Miss out and you have 365 days to be sorry for it!

Today's Special Deals

I remember my apartment on the Greek Island of Crete. The summers were wonderful… being near the beach. But the winters were cold and miserable. No central air or heating… just my handy-dandy oil-filled radiator heater. Granted, this one was 220 volt, but the one on sale today will warm you up for less than thirty bucks!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend Sale

Our partners J&R have come up with some great deals for the weekend.. From Panasonic Cameras, Sony DVR’s, Sennheiser Stereo Headphones, and a cool digital pen with James Bond technology... what more can one ask for?

Well... you could ask for an Omron Pedometer... a two terabyte external hard drive... and all kinds of memory for your devices including cameras, laptops, desktops and etcetera. 

Happy shopping!

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