Monday, January 31, 2011

The BIG One

With the potential of over one hundred million people being affected… and possibly some lives lost… this is the storm that Irwin Allen might have made a movie about.  It will affect more than half of the states in the USA and will probably be entered into history books… assuming that things don’t grind to a halt during 2012.

The mother of all storms is brewing and is about to hit the United States like Mike Tyson hit just about everybody he went into the ring with.

The projections are that this storm will cover a swath of territory incorporating over 2,000 miles of snow and ice… so make sure you have lots of wood in your fireplace and someone you love to snuggle up to.  And to you lucky suckas in San Diego, Miami and San Juan… we wish we were right there with youze guys!

Be safe everybody!

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