Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bling a Ling Ding!

Charm & Chain Designer Jewelry
One more post from the extensive collection of items available from our friends at Charm & Chain.

Today being the birthday of one of our favorite actresses, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, we cogitated upon the type of items we might buy her for her birthday.

Of course, this would be as appreciation for her talents, of course.

Not that we would be stalkerish or anything, LOL!


Perhaps you might see these for yourself or someone you love?

Scroll down the page and click on any items of interest for more details!

Rosette Choker, Gold

Vintage Necklace, 50.3

Floor Length Pearl Necklace

Aztec Bib Necklace, Neon

Hunni Necklace

Pressed Crocodile Half-Circle Necklace

Le Charlot Necklace, Emerald

Large Link Chain Necklace

Diamond-Shaped Three Strand Brass Headpiece

Triple Nugget Cuff Bracelet

Triple Cab Stretch Cuff, Fuchsia, Coral and Blush

Crystal Star Cuff

Vintage Pin, 56.1

Rhinestone Arrow Pin with Chains

Electra Bouquet

Gold Links Bracelet

Woven Gold Citrine Hinge Cuff

Red Aztec Bangle

Vintage Bracelet, 59.36

Integrated Cross Bracelet, Silver

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