Saturday, January 29, 2011

Men’s Valet

If I were Bruce Wayne and had a stately mansion with a nuclear reactor in the basement, I would probably have Alfred the Butler lay out my attire for each day’s events. The sad reality is, at this present moment, I have no such man Friday to manage my clothing. But what I can have is a valet stand to keep my clothing organized and free from wrinkles.

The best thing about a mens valet is that it manages your coat, your trousers, your shirt, your tie… even loose items like cufflinks, tie bar, keys, wedding ring (whoops… better keep that on, buster) and anything else you may need to have maintained in one convenient location.

So, how much would one of these things cost? Well… when you visit our sponsor, you will see items ranging from $92 to $250. Of course, those are regular price. Your internet sales prices will range from $78.20 to $147.43. Nice discount, eh?

So – what are you waiting for? You really want to walk out of your house in sloppy, disheveled clothing? Get over to and check out their featured products. We are sure you will find the perfect valet (like the Executive model) to match your wardrobe.

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