Monday, February 28, 2011

Pioneers of Television

If you saw the segment of PBS’ Pioneers of Televison miniseries about local children’s programming, you may have noticed, as I did, a glaring omission.

While major cities like New York and Los Angeles were featured, along with Chicago, Phoenix and Green Bay… Philadelphia was sadly ignored.

With six local commercial and two local PBS stations... Philadelphia had enough locally grown programming to fill a network lineup.  Stars from that era included:

  • Pixanne
  • Lorenzo the Clown
  • Chief Halftown
  • Captain Noah
  • Sally Starr
  • Gene London
  • Wee Willie Weber
  • Uncle Floyd Vivino
  • Sergeant Sacto
  • Tottle
  • Pete Boyle
  • Bertie the Bunyip
  • Rex Morgan
  • Dickory Doc
  • Adam Android

Check out TV Party’s Philly TV Page for more on what PBS woefully ignored...

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