Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Invitations Online

Last year I had the awesome responsibility of being my best buddy’s best man at his wedding. That experience gave me a firsthand look at exactly how much effort and energy is required to pull off the successful wedding. And, as Jerry Seinfeld might have said to George… “I have to go next, don’t I?”

Well, when I do… I have the solution to one of the tasks at hand. That is to save time and energy (as well as going green) by sending email invitations using this awesome wedding invitations online site. Surely, this has to be the 21st Century answer to an age old tradition!

The site allows you to customize your wedding invitations by adding your choice of music (I would go with something quaint by Metallica) and also your own photos (like my intended putting her mud facial pack on). You also have an interactive RSVP log right on the site.

That is the most fun and creative way to save money and keep a low carbon footprint on your wedding invitations, ne pas?

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